Grill Cleaning Made Easy

grill cleaningHow To Clean Your Grill Made Easy

Now that summer is over, hopefully the grill in your backyard has gotten plenty of use for all of those summer barbeques. Whether it’s the 4th of July, pool party, or family barbecue, there is something special about grilling up some grub for in the summertime. Now it’s almost time to store your grill away until next summer, but before you do, you want to be sure that your grill is clean and ready for the winter. It is important to give your grill a good deep clean if you don’t plan on using it for a while. In this article, we will go over how to clean your grill properly.

To clean your grill most people will take out the grates, and try and spray and scrub all of the gunk off. Through pinterest a new “magical” way has been discovered. It is called ammonia. When you take the grates out of your grill, briefly wash it off to get all of the loose gunk off. Then, stick your grate into a large garbage bag with about a ½ cup of ammonia. Don’t use more than ½ a cup because it is the fumes of the ammonia that helps to remove the excess gunk.

Next, put a rubber band around the top of the bag to seal the bag so the fumes cannot escape. Let the grate and the garbage bag sit overnight to allow the fumes time to work on the gunk. When you open the bag the next morning make sure to keep your face away from the opening of the bag. The ammonia can cause your eyes to burn.

After you have removed the grate from the bag and disposed of the ammonia properly, brush of the remaining gunk with a sponge. Your grill should be good as new (repeat the process if needed). Now your grill is ready for the winter and will be waiting for you until next summer. We hope this blog post aided cleaning your own grill. Check out our other services that we offer. We are eager to assist all of your propane needs. 

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