Propane Blyn

Blyn is one of the many communities in Jefferson County whom Jefferson Propane are happy to offer regular and speedy propane delivery service to. Simply call us up, or submit an order online, and we’ll have a truck headed your way as soon as we can. We won’t charge extra fees for topping off your BBQ tank during the delivery, we’ll switch out your tanks free of charge for any new customers, and every one of our online customers is entered into a monthly draw for 50 free gallons of propane.

Stuck dealing with the instability of the power grid like so many others in this region? We understand. Jefferson Propane are 100% locally owned and operated, so we know what our customers in this area need. That’s why we offer professional installation of our wide selection of standby generators, with something available for the power needs of every home or business when a blackout happens. And all of our backup generating systems come online automatically when their services are needed.

Do you need further install services? Our certified technicians can hook up all of your propane appliances, install underground and aboveground tanks, and take care of all of the piping needs that you might have. You can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all of your propane equipment is installed properly and safely.

Jefferson Propane has always been committed to trying to help all of you keep more of your money in your bank account. Our Pre-Buy plan allows every one of our interested customers to pre-purchase their winter propane at a cheaper set rate earlier in the year. We’ve helped customers save as much as $80 per 100 gallons bought vs. the sorts of prices you’ll face after those annual winter rate hikes. And our Level Pay Plans let you avoid those big, irregular charges for propane deliveries. Instead, you’ll pay twelve equal monthly charges based on your annual propane costs, making propane much easier to fit into the monthly budget.

If you live in Blyn, Jefferson Propane would love to hear from you. Let us show you why we’re the best propane delivery and service provider around.