Level Pay Plan

Propane has a lot going for it as an energy source for your home or business. Convenient, quick and safe, it’s a wonderful choice for anyone looking to power everything that they do everyday. And yet, there remains one large obstacle for many who might otherwise consider joining the legions of people flocking to propane : costs.

It isn’t that the comparative rates to other sources of energy are bad. No, the problem is in the way that billing typically works. Normally, customers get hit with invoices only when they receive a propane delivery. That sort of inconsistent billing makes it very difficult to work your propane costs into your monthly and yearly household budgets. And those charges on delivery can be substantial.

Jefferson Propane has stepped up and created an answer to those uneven lump sum payments. By setting up a Level Pay Plan with us, any of our customers can even out their payments and pay a set rate every single month. Now you have a regular bill which can easily be budgeted for the same way that the rest of your payments are.

How does it work? We’ll sit down with you and take a look at your usage and billing history. Using that information, we can estimate your propane costs for the next year, then average that out into twelve equal monthly payments. No more massive lump sum charges. No more stress over not knowing when you might next need propane and get hit with the resulting bill. Instead, you get to enjoy all of the great service offered by Jefferson Propane minus the stress of dealing with big invoices.

And as is usual with the rest of the services we offer, Jefferson Propane won’t charge you any fees or costs for enrolling in a Level Pay Plan. You can call us at the office anytime from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm, and we’ll get you set up and enrolled immediately with zero extra charges. Why wait? Even out those propane costs and get the best of both worlds : propane energy and a much easier budget to deal with.