Propane Discovery Bay

Located on Discovery Bay off of the Salish Sea, the community of Discovery Bay is part of the delivery network serviced by Jefferson Propane. We can process your order over the phone or through our website form, and we accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard and Discovery. We’ll send a truck to you as quickly as possible, we won’t charge new customers anything for switching out their tanks, and we automatically enter all online customers for a monthly prize of 50 free gallons of propane.
And yet, propane delivery service is just one of the many things Jefferson Propane offers to our customer base. We can send out our 100% certified and experienced staff to take care of all of your propane appliance hookups, tank installations and free inspections of your entire propane system.

With the instability often found in the regional power grid, Jefferson Propane have ensured that we’re the best around for backup power solutions. We offer only name brand standby generators, meaning you can rely on what we install over the long term. And all of our backup generator systems come on automatically when needed, meaning no trips into a dark basement to turn the generator on when the power goes off. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t go dark just because of a power blip.

Winter rate price hikes for propane can really hurt your pocketbook. That’s why Jefferson Propane has introduced our Pre-Buy program. Now you can purchase those winter stocks ahead of time at a lower set rate. We’ll guarantee every single gallon that you purchase and store it until winter. This program has helped our customers save as much as $80 per 100 gallons bought in past years.

One of the biggest negatives for propane can be the way that billing works. Irregular payments which appear only when deliveries are made, and large lump sum payment requirements, can make propane tough to fit into the your monthly budget. By setting up a Level Pay Plan with us, you can even things out by having us average your estimated annual propane costs into a regular monthly rate due on a set date. Now propane becomes a much more affordable option for most every household or business.

So let Jefferson Propane start showing you everything that we have to offer everyone in Discovery Bay today.