Propane Port Angeles

Propane In Port Angeles & Propane Delivery In Victoria B.C

Offering easy cross-border ferry service to Victoria, B.C., Port Angeles is an important community in Northwest Washington. It’s also a key destination in our propane distribution network. Jefferson Propane offers delivery to everyone in Port Angeles, taking orders over the phone or digitally through our website. We can also process your invoice through the website, keeping everything completely online. And all of our online customers are entered into our monthly draw for 50 free gallons of propane.

Jefferson Propane has a great understanding of what local customers want and need because we’re 100% locally owned and operated. That means that we know the tricks of the local marketplace. For example, we realize that the Jefferson County power grid can be unreliable at times. We offer a full range of name brand standby generators to give you the peace of mind of having a strong fall-back option during a blackout. We can install your backup generator, and we’ll put you on the Top Priority delivery list that ensures you will be kept up and running with propane deliveries throughout any sort of power problem.

Our 100% certified installation staff can also get you hooked into a new underground or aboveground propane tank. We can run all of the piping that you need, and expand upon an existing system as required. We’ll even hook up your propane appliances in Port Angeles. Whether it’s a furnace, BBQ grill or fireplace we’ll have it hooked up and running the absolute right way.

If you’re tired of dealing with winter price hikes on propane every single year, know that Jefferson Propane is as well. And we decided to do something about it. Through our Pre-Buy program, all of our customers can purchase their winter propane ahead of time at a set flat rate. You avoid the rate hike by paying $2.19 per gallon, we store your purchased propane, and once winter arrives we start delivering from those supplies.

Jefferson Propane offers the best array of propane delivery and services to everyone in Port Angeles. We’d love to bring you into our fold of happy customers today.