Propane Sequim

Jefferson Propane are the most customer-focused propane company in Jefferson County. We offer fast delivery, the best prices possible, and a wide range of services to everyone in Sequim. If you need a propane delivery, we can take your order over the phone or via the online form available through our website. We’ll dispatch a delivery truck to your home or business as soon as possible and get you filled up and ready to go. New customers can have their tanks switched out free of charge, and we offer inspections of any and all aspects of your propane system for no charge as well. And all of our online order customers are entered into a monthly draw for 50 gallons of free propane.

If you’re tired of needing to keep an eye on propane levels and call in orders yourself, maybe our Remote Tank Monitoring system is something you might be interested in? With no set-up cost and a simple $9.99 monthly fee, this allows us to monitor your tank levels and temperatures remotely. We can automatically send out a delivery when your tank level hits a specific point, and we can keep an eye on your system for any signs of a problem.

Life in this area means dealing with power failures. The last thing you want is to be left sitting in the dark in the middle of winter when a blackout happens. A good standby generator can keep the lights on, the heat running and everything working smoothly until the electrical grid comes back online. We can install a reliable standby generator which will automatically activate when needed. And all of our backup generator owners are automatically given top priority for propane fill-ups in the case of a blackout.
Jefferson Propane’s absolute commitment to our customers means that we’re always looking to help save you money. Propane’s irregular costs and big delivery bills can make it somewhat prohibitive for a lot of home and business owners. Our Level Pay Plan can help even things out, with your annual estimated propane costs averaged out for a regular set monthly payment. Now propane charges fit easily into the household and business budget, making propane a more affordable option for more people.

That’s just a small sample of everything that Jefferson Propane can offer all of our customers in Sequim. Why not join that group today?