Power Up When The Power Is Off!

Jefferson County has a bit of a unique geographical hurdle in that we’re completely surrounded by water. Couple that with weather that can get rough at times, and power outages are simply a fact of life for residents here. Everyone at Jefferson Propane lives in the area, so we all understand just how important a solid and reliable backup option for power generation is if you should happen to suffer a blackout.

That’s why we’ve made the installation and service of standby generators a cornerstone of our business. Even if your regular power system isn’t a propane one, a propane standby generator can help you wait out those hours during which the power grid is down. No more stress over how long you might be left without juice. No more wondering when the system will come back online. Until it happens, you’ll still have all of the electricity that you need to keep your home heated or air conditioned and to keep the essentials running.

Jefferson Propane deals only with the best available products, because nothing but the best is good enough for our clients. All of our Kohler, GE and Briggs & Stratton generators and tanks are solid and reliable, and we offer a wide array of different models depending on what your power needs might be. No matter how many kilowatts of power production you require, we can find something that will get the job done for you.

Our 100% certified technicians will install your generator system and the accompanying tank, and we’ll hook everything up and ensure that it’s fully operational and absolutely safe. We can also inspect an existing standby generating system and make any repairs necessary so that everything is working properly.

And as soon as you have a standby generator installed by Jefferson Propane, you are immediately placed on our Top Priority List. What that means is that during any sort of a power interruption or emergency situation, you are an absolute priority when it comes to emergency propane deliveries. So even if the outage is a long one, we’ll keep your tank full and your generator up and running for as long as necessary.

But what good is a backup system if you need to stumble through a dark basement to turn the thing on when the regular power grid drops off? All of the standby generators that we install will start up automatically when they’re needed. So no need to grab a flashlight and try not to trip over boxes to get that backup solution operational.

Call Jefferson Propane today, and let’s start talking about the perfect standby generator backup system for your needs.

“Emergency Preparedness: We are your power solution.”

Standby Generators & Tanks