Remote Tank Monitoring

Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring
SkyTracker-The Smart Remote Tank Monitoring System

SkyTracker is a self-contained explosion-proof tank monitor device that can be installed on any ASME-compliant tank.  No external phone line or power supply is needed. Once installed, SkyTracker starts to monitor the tank’s temperature and fuel level.  With one of these systems, never run out of propane again!  We will monitor your tank for you and refill it as necessary.

  • Check the level of the propane in your tank anywhere/anytime via the Jefferson Propane web site
  • Jefferson Propane will monitor and track your usage.
  • We will be alerted to unusual usage or unauthorized deliveries.
    • Only $9.99 a month–no set-up fees!

Remote fuel tank monitoring is one of the many ways we proudly serve our customers. See if you are in our delivery area.


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